Steven SizemoreWhen he revealed his formidable athleticism… The team looked to him for leadership

When he demonstrated lead-by-example leadership… The team looked to him for mutual respect

When he commanded as well as showed respect… The team looked to him for attitude

When he exhibited a coachability attitude… The team looked to him for sportsmanship

When he practiced unwavering sportsmanship… The team found success

And when his heartbeat subsided… The team forever emulated his qualities

This is the: STEVEN SIZEMORE MENTAL ATTITUDE AWARD Dedicated to the Memory of Steven Trevor Sizemore #11 1982-2003

The Noblesville United Soccer Club is proud to continue the Steven Sizemore Mental Attitude Award to recognize superior attitude and character in the Rowdies travel soccer program. A permanent memorial to Steven, in the form of a bronze plaque, has been displayed on the outside of our concession stand. Each year, two names will be added to the award. Winners will also receive an individual plaque to recognize their accomplishment at being recipients of this award. The first award was presented at the conclusion of the 2004 spring soccer season to one U14 Rowdie boy and one U14 Rowdie girl. NUSC players can be nominated for this award by their coach, a teammate, or a parent. The nominees should be Rowdie soccer players that display the following characteristics:

  • - Career Rowdie
  • - Superior attitude
  • - Team Leadership Coachability
  • - Sportsmanship
  • - Outstanding Athletic Performance

Steven Sizemore, 20, passed away as the result of a motorcycle accident on Saturday, April 19, 2003; Steven succumbed to head injuries at about 2:00 AM Easter Sunday morning. Steven was a prolific soccer player and the anchor of the boys’ ‘83 travel team. He was a career Rowdie who proudly wore his favorite number, 11, for many years. Steven continued his soccer career as a four-year athlete on the NHS Miller Soccer Team.

To nominate a player for the STEVEN SIZEMORE MENTAL ATTITUDE AWARD send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .