North Central Recreational Soccer League
Modified Laws Spring 2013

 NCRSL Modified Laws may be modified by simple majority vote at the NCRSL meeting prior to each season.

    FIFA Laws governs all games with the following provisions:
1.All players must be registered with Indiana Youth Soccer (IYS) as Rec Plus, a signed roster will be provided to the NCRSL commissioner at the start of each season.
2.IYS player cards with picture or a roster signed by the Club’s current board representative will be kept by the coach of each team and provided to the referees at each game.  All teams must have player cards by the deadline established for the season by the NCRSL, or other accepted identification with player pictures in conjunction with a team roster; such as, student ID's or State ID's.  If player cards or a roster cannot be provided, the game is played and the NCRSL Commissioner will be notified.  Each Club is responsible for ensuring their rosters are accurate and true: U19 and U16 teams may roster to 22 players, U14  teams may roster to 18 players (may use up to three U15 players to complete rosters for U14), and U12  teams may roster to 14 players.  Teams may use guest players from other NCRSL rosters during the regular season if needed, but players will only be allowed on one roster and to participate with one team for tournaments.
3.Teams will be formed on a first come first basis without tryouts and without cuts.
4.Players are required to play at least one half of every game unless suspended due to an ejection.
5.Any player who receives a red card ejection is also required to sit out the next game.  Any violation of this rule will result in the suspension of the player and coach for the remainder of the season.  It is the responsibility of the ejected player’s club to enforce this policy.  Ejections must be reported to the NCRSL Commissioner within 24 hours.
7.Each player must have a matching jersey with a unique number on the back.  The home team will change jerseys for uniforms with similar colors.
8.Players will play in their appropriate age group as determined at the NCRSL annual meeting.
9.Players may play up at any level according to IYS guidelines.
10.If a team shows up with less than suggested number of players to play on the field during regular season games, the following applies:
     a)  The team with the fewer players may request that the other team play equal.  It is their option to play equal sides.
     b) The team with most players must then:
             1) loan the opposing team players, or 
             2) play down to the number of players on the opposing team.
11.The league will only track scores and  standings for divisional match-ups and tournament seeding.  There is no regular season championships, while we want the teams to be competitive, this is recreational league emphasizing personal and team development, fun, and sportsmanship.
12.Running up the score is considered un-sporting.  If a team has a 6-goal advantage the team is to take appropriate steps to control the ball and slow the game.  Teams that "run up" the score may be dropped from the league.
13.Any problems with teams or individual players should be forwarded to the NCRSL Commissioner.
14.Match duration for league games will be according to the following with no overtimes or shots from the penalty mark for games ending in a tie, unless otherwise agreed upon by the clubs and coaches involved - then shots from the penalty mark may be used to determine the outcome of a game ending in a tie:
DivisionHalves for regular season
U19 - 40 minutes
U16 - 40 minutes
U14 - 35 minutes
U12 - 30 minutes
15.Substitutions will be unlimited and may occur during the following:
- Before a throw-in in your favor, or when both teams are substituting on a throw-in.
- After a goal by either team.
- Before a goal kick by either team.
- At half-time or before the start of any overtime period.
- In case of injury or stoppage of play – with the referee’s permission.
- At the discretion of the Referee.
16.Co-ed teams must have 3 female players on the field at all times during game play.   A team with less than 3 female players will play down one player for each female player missing; teams may not "play-down" if female players are available to play.
17.Teams failing to show for league games without 24 hour notice will be responsible for fees incurred from officials or other game related expenses.
18.Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators.  Please help us make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and a great experience competing in the NCRSL.  All players and coaches shall be on one side of the field opposite from the parents and spectators.  Players and coaches shall remain on their own half of the sideline.  No coaches or parents are permitted behind either goal.