The Noblesville United Soccer Club is proud to offer our Recreational (In-House) Soccer Program to kids 4 years of age to 19 years of age. The Recreational Program is geared to the soccer player that wants to come out and enjoy (learn) the game and have fun with their friends, as opposed to the Travel Program which is geared to the more competitive side of the program.

All Recreational games are played at the Noblesville United Soccer Complex located on 196st Street, there is no traveling involved. There may be “off site” practices held off of the NUSC premises, but those are still usually held within the city limits at an Elementary School or something of the sort. Recreational Teams usually practice one time per week, from 45 minutes to 90 minutes (depending on their age), and play games on weekends. A parent, or parents, of the individuals on the team are needed to be coaches of each individual Recreational Team. The playing field size and the number of players on each individual team vary depending on the age of the team. U5 teams play 3 players per team on the field at a time (with no goalkeeper), and usually carry 10 players on their roster. U5 teams split in half and play on two fields at the same time, this ensures plenty of playing time for all of the players. Playing a 3v3 format on a small field also ensures that all players will be involved in the action all of the time. U6 teams play 4 field players (no goal keeper) at a time. These teams are also split on game days and play on 2 fields at the same time. The 4v4 format insures the same things as the U5 (3v3) format. U7 teams move to a bigger field with bigger goals. U7 teams play 6v6, with 5 field players and a goalkeeper. There is no “split team” after the U6 age group. The U8 age group will play under the “academy format,” (see academy write up). Their game structure is the same as the U7 age group, 5 field players and a goalkeeper. The U10 age group is the same as the U7/8 age group, 5 field players and a goalkeeper. The U12 and U13 age group will move to a bigger field and play 8v8, with 7 field players and a goalkeeper.

Our U12 age groups have the choice of playing in-house or participating in the NCRSL Rec Plus league. All U14 through U19 participate in the NCRSL Rec Plus league as well. For additional information about the NCRSL please visit the NCRSL website by Clicking Here.