Winter training runs from November through February for the Noblesville United Soccer Club and is a vital part of the training curriculum.
During this sixteen week period technical skill sets are emphasized and trained on the most frequently.  The idea behind winter training is that each player is trying to maximize touches and improve their technical ability and foot skills.  The winter training curriculum focuses on technical sessions that allow for every player to improve their comfort level, deceptiveness, and creativeness on the ball by being put in tight situations under pressure usually in small sided games where they are encouraged to take chances and try new things.  Training sessions last an hour and are conducted one time a week along with goal keeper training.   Players at NUSC are also encouraged to participate in futsal leagues that emphasize the same technical pieces as winter training.
Additional information will be posted under Academy, U11 and U12, and U13 and U14 tabs when specific times and locations are available.