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NUSC Community Soccer Program


Our Community Soccer Program is for kids 4 years of age to 18 years of age and it is geared toward the soccer player that wants to enjoy and learn the game of soccer while having fun.    Players are placed on teams based on their age using guidelines set by the Indiana State Soccer Association and School Registration Age Cutoffs.  Rec Players U5 to U12 will play against other rec teams at our NUSC complex.  Rec Plus Players U10-U19 will play against teams from other clubs, currently through the Indy Premier Rec Plus League.  Games will be played within a 15-20 min driving distance from NUSC fields.

Fall 2020 Season Dates: 


May 15 Fall Registration Opens
July 11 Fall Late Fee Begins
July 15 Registration Closes
Aug 10 Practices Begin
Aug 15 Opening Weekend
Aug 17-21 Individual/Team Pictures
Sept 5-7 Labor Day Weekend--No Games
TBA Coach/Parent Meetings
Oct 3/4 Final Weekend
3rd/4th Grade (U10) Tournament
5th/6th Grade (U12) Tournament
Nov 1 Spring 2021 Registration Opens

*Schedule subject to change

To register click the link below

If you have trouble registering please contact our Recreational Director at: [email protected]



First/Second Grade


Fifth/Sixth Grade


Coed U16

Coed U19 Junior/Senior

Between Dates

8/1/14 - 7/31/16

8/1/12 -

8/1/010 - 7/31/12

8/1/08 - 7/31/10

8/1/06 - 7/31/08

8/1/04 - 7/31/06

8/1/01 -


The appropriate division is determined by the age/school gradel level of the player will turn during the season, with a cut-off date of July 31.  The divisions are set based on the school calendar.  
*dates are updated for Fall 2020.

Standard Rec Program: 
This program is designed for the player of any level who wants to come out and enjoy a fun season of soccer.  Coaches are all volunteer and must pass a background check as determined by Indiana Soccer.  Teams are created with the intent to balance out the talent so all teams have fair play and most of all FUN!!!

U5 to U6: $80 - if paid on or before July 10, 2020.

U7 to U10: $80 - if paid on or before July 10, 2020.

U12: $90- if paid on or before July 10, 2020.
*Late fees apply beginning July 11, 2020.

Rec Plus Program:
This program is designed for the player who wants a more challenging level of play.  The team will be coached by a Volunteer Coach, with training once a week with a Professional Licensed Trainer to help boost the skills and understanding of the game.  This Programs provides game play with teams outside our club within a minimal distance to travel.  Most games will be played within a 15-20 min drive of NUSC Complex. 
*The U16-U19 are considered Rec Plus because of the age level and playing teams outside of our club.  There are no Licensed Trainer Sessions.
*The U14 are considered Rec Plus because of the age level and playing teams outside of our club.  Licensed Trainer Sessions are included once a week.
*Fall 2020 Coed U16 and U19 games will be played on Wednesday evenings, with Sundays being used for weather reschedules.

U10/U16-U19 : $130- if paid on or before July 10, 2020.

U12-U14: $145- if paid on or before July 10, 2020.
*Late Fees apply beginning July 11, 2020.

All fees must be paid before the season begins (unless a payment plan has been established), otherwise the player will NOT be rostered until the fees are paid.  Any remaining balance at the end of the season will be due prior to the start of the following season, otherwise the player will not be rostered until balanced is paid.  A 10 day grace period will be provided, and following that Late Fees will apply.  

A $20 fee will be charged for any check that has been returned due to insufficient funds.  

NUSC wants to provide the opportunity for any child who wishes to participate in the Rec or Rec Plus Programs to be afforded the opportunity.  If your family, or a family you know is dealing with financial difficulties, please reach out to the Programs Director, [email protected] for a Scholarship Application.  All information is confidential, so no other players or families are aware that a scholarship has been applied.  

Late Registration Fee: $50 will be added to the Standard fee and Rec Plus fee after the Early Registration deadline.  Openings will be limited after that date.  We cannot guarantee placement of a player registered following the Late Registration deadline and will be based upon open roster spots with established teams.  In addition, player’s uniform and practice night requests will be late and it could affect the timing and availability of those items.  Effective April 8, 2019

Concession Fee: $20 per player per season or $40 for both fall and spring.  If you work a 2 hour shift, your concession fee will be returned to you.  If you volunteer and are placed as a coach or a first assistant coach, concession fees will be refunded to you after the last weekend of games for the season.  You will need to visit the concession stand and sign the sheet provided.  The refunds will be processed only for those coaches who follow procedures.

Multi-Player Discount: Families with 3 or more players will receive a $5 discount on the third player registered and another $5 discount for each additional player. (3 players = $5, 4 players = $10 discount, etc.)

Coach Information:  All of our recreational teams are coached by volunteers; most are parents of players.  Persons interested in coaching should mark their intent to coach on their child’s registration form along with the name of the parent volunteering.  Returning coaches from the previous season will be contacted by the rec director to ensure they still intend to coach their team from the fall.  All coaches MUST submit a background check.  Training sessions, coaching information, and training equipment will be made available for coaches and teams as long as they are available.  We are limiting coaches to One Head Coach and One Assistant Coach per team.

Player Equipment:  
Players will need the following items for their season:

1.     Shin Guards and appropriate soccer socks to fully cover the shin guards.  Required item for all players.

2.     Appropriate Footwear.  Soccer shoes are suggested but not required.  No player may participate while wearing shoes with a toe cleat; i.e., baseball or football cleats.

3..     Age Appropriate Ball

■            Size 3 – U5 to U8 Divisions (U5 to U8 players). *Pre-K to Second Grade

■            Size 4 – U10 and U12 Divisions (U9 to U12 players). *Third Grade to Sixth Grade

■            Size 5 – U14, U16, and U19 Divisions (U13 to U19 players). *Seventh Grade to Twelfth Grade

4.     Ample Supply of Water.

Beginning Spring 2019 uniforms will be ordered by families using our vendors website.  This will help to eliminate uniform sizing issues as well as over or under ordering.  Practice Shirts will continue to be provided by the club and will be handed out to coaches at the beginning of the season.  All players receive one in the Fall.  Any players who play both Fall and Spring will only receive one in the Fall.  Spring players will receive theirs at the start of the Spring season.    *Due to Cornoavirus we will not change our uniform design until Fall 2021.

Players are NOT permitted to wear jewelry during practice or games.  Players should not pierce their ears in close proximity to the season as the earrings and other jewelry will have to be removed prior to play.

Refunds:  Registered players may become unable to meet their commitment to play; therefore, refunds will be made available according to the following schedule and guidelines.   Effective April 8, 2019
Up to Registration Deadline for current season: players may obtain a full refund.
After Registration Closes before practices begin for the current season: A refund of 50% of fees will be refunded.  
After Practices have begun no refunds will be processed.  

*To request a refund, please email [email protected] and ask for a request form. 

Requests:  NUSC Recreational Soccer Program is geared for fun and the development of every player in the game of soccer.  In an effort to build competitively balanced teams, we are no longer accepting requests of any kind for U5-U12.   Parents can choose a night that DOES NOT work for practices, but we are no longer asking for player requests.  Coaches will no longer be allowed to choose any player to carry over from year to year.  We are allowing one Head Coach and one Assistant Coach on each team, on which their children will play.   For the U14-U19s only, we allow one player request in an effort to keep the players on the pitch and active as long as we can.  Please mark the request upon registration and follow up with an email to [email protected]