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Noblesville United Soccer Club

Severe Weather Policy


In the event that severe weather is projected ( i.e. National Weather Service issues Watch or Warning ) the following guidelines are in effect for our NUSC complex.  


Should severe weather approach during a practice, the responsibility to clear the fields belongs to everyone.  Parents, coaches, and players should immediately clear the fields if lightening, thunder, severe winds, or any other weather pattern develops.  NUSC does not have on site personnel on site every night monitoring the weather.  NUSC asks parents and coaches to be proactive and seek shelter should there be any doubt.  


NUSC site coordinators will monitor the weather conditions.  The NUSC site coordinator will monitor for lightening with the detector.  In the event that lightening is detected:

NUSC site coordinator will create one long blast of the air horn.

All games will stop and all players and training/coaching staff will report to and get inside vehicles. Spectators will be asked to do the same.

No game will be resumed or a new game started until no strikes are detected for 30 minutes.

NUSC site coordinator will create two short blasts of the air horn which will be the “all clear” to resume games.