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Noblesville United Soccer Club

NUSC Community Soccer Program


Established in 1978, Noblesville United Soccer Club (NUSC) is a Community Soccer Program for kids 4 years of age to 18 years of age and is geared toward the soccer player that wants to enjoy and learn the game of soccer while having fun.  Players are placed on teams based on their age with an attempt to distribute skill equally among teams.  Players aged U5 to U10 will play against other rec teams at our NUSC complex.  Teams u12 and above play mostly NUSC teams but will also play Indy Premier Rec Teams.

If you have issues registering please contact our Recreational Director at: [email protected]

The appropriate division is determined by the age the player will turn during the season, with a cut-off date of July 31.  The divisions are set by a similar method as schools use to determine a child's grade level.

Standard Rec Program: (available u5 through u12)
This program is designed for the player of any level who wants to come out and enjoy a fun season of soccer.  Coaches are all volunteer and must pass a background check as determined by the Board of Directors.  Teams are created with the intent to balance out the talent so all teams have fair play and most of all FUN!!!

Rec Plus Program: (available u10 through u19)
This program is designed for the player who wants a more challenging level of play.  The team will be coached by a Volunteer Coach, with training once a week with a Professional Licensed Trainer to help boost the skills and understanding of the game.  This program provides game play with teams outside our club within a minimal distance to travel.  Most games will be played within a 15-20 min drive of NUSC Complex. 

*The U16-U19 are considered Rec Plus because of the age level and playing teams outside our club.  There are no Licensed Trainer Sessions.

*The U14 group is also considered Rec Plus because of the age level.  Beginning Spring 2019 we will be providing a Licensed Trainer Session for all teams in this age division.

Player Equipment:  Players will need the following items for their season:

1.     Shin Guards and appropriate soccer socks to fully cover the shin guards.  Required item for all players.

2.     Appropriate Footwear.  Soccer shoes are suggested but not required.  No player may participate while wearing shoes with a toe cleat; i.e., baseball or football cleats.

3..     Age Appropriate Ball

■            Size 3 – U5 to U8 Divisions (U5 to U8 players).

■            Size 4 – U10 and U12 Divisions (U9 to U12 players).

■            Size 5 – U14, U16, and U19 Divisions (U13 to U19 players).

4.     Ample Supply of Water.