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What is Rec Soccer?

What is Rec Plus Soccer?

It’s the Player’s Game

What does “Rec Plus” mean? 

Rec Plus soccer leagues are set up to serve recreational players ages 10U to 19U who need a greater challenge or those recreational programs that do not have enough players to create their own league play.  A Rec Plus league is made up of teams from separate clubs (there could be more than one team from a club) who do not hold tryouts to form teams.  

NUSC Rec Plus Program: (available U10 through U14)
This program is designed for the player who wants a little more challenging level of play.  The team will be coached by a Volunteer Coach, with training once a week with a Professional Licensed Trainer to help boost the skills and understanding of the game.  This program provides game play with teams outside our club within a minimal distance to travel.  Most games will be played within a 15-20 min drive of NUSC Complex. 

*The U16-U19 are considered Rec Plus because of the age level and playing teams outside our club.  There are no Licensed Trainer Sessions.